Paso Robles Pizza Owner Of Marv’s Original Pizza Reveals Secrets For Great Pizza

Paso Robles Pizza Owner Of Marv’s Original Pizza Reveals Secrets For Great Pizza

–Without giving away the secret recipes that make Marv’s Original Pizza in Paso Robles a favorite for local and visiting pizza lovers, owner Randy Syracuse offers a single common-sense secret to great pizza. “It’s all about freshness,” says Syracuse “and the right combinations of the right fresh ingredients from the crust to the toppings.”

“You have to start with the crust,” says Syracuse, “because it’s pizza! A good crust is the foundation.” Anyone can look up a pizza crust recipe and most of them are going to be pretty good, but the secret is taking the time to experiment with the freshest ingredients that can be found. Whether someone favors thin crust, thick crust, or a crust a little crispier, it’s important to take the time to create the best crust.

No matter how tasty the rest of the ingredients are, no one wants to eat a plate full of sauce topped with melted cheese and their favorite meats and vegetables. It’s pizza! It needs a crust!

Pizza has been around for a couple of thousand years so just being a pizza means someone had to get something right sometime. The only true secrets are:

  1. Using fresh ingredients, not pre-mixed or frozen
  2. Learning how to make the yeast work for you
  3. Experiment to find just the right herbs and seasonings to add a personalized “secret” that everyone raves about

Pizza crust is a variety of flatbread and people have been eating flatbreads like pita, tortillas, naan, and injera since flour was invented. Pizza is different because rather than the crust serving as a standalone bread or a wrap, it is served with toppings. But, the toppings are only as good as the crust. The crust has to be just the right texture to support the toppings without getting soggy or so thin and flavorless that it resembles cardboard. How could we enjoy leftover pizza if the crust got soggy?

Get the crust perfect then move on to the sauce and cheese. It’s hard to go wrong with fresh vegetables and good quality meats, so this means learning to make a good sauce and get the best quality cheese. Not all cheese is created equal. Some things are worth the few extra dollars and cheese is one of those things.

The fresh ingredients at Marv’s Original Pizza go beyond the pizza and into every item on the extensive menu. From appetizers to pizza, salads, sandwiches, and pasta, Syracuse makes sure everything is fresh, fresh, fresh and prepared to order.

The kind of rave reviews Marv’s gets from loyal customers can be coming any pizza chef’s way from friends and family just by going fresh and taking the time to build a good crust!

Marv’s Original Pizza
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Paso Robles Pizza Restaurant Publishes Fun Facts About Pizza

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–Americans eat around 350 slices of pizza per second and pizza appetites are fed by approximately 62,000 pizzerias in the United States. “Pizza is the original fun food and it only makes sense that a food associated with having a good time would have some interesting and fun facts in its history,” said Randy Syracuse, owner of Marv’s Original Pizza in Paso Robles, CA.

Fun Facts About Pizza

  1. The first recorded pizzeria, Port ‘Alba, opened in 1830 in Naples, Italy. Pizzas were cooked in an oven lined with lava from Mount Vesuvius.
  2. Until the 1800s pizza was a meal for Italian peasants. That changed when Raffaele Esposito created a Margherita pizza for visiting royalty. The king and queen were impressed by the colors of the Italian flag represented by the pizza’s white mozzarella cheese, red tomato sauce, and green basil and Queen Margherita gave the pizza her name. After that, the pizza became an Italian staple.
  3. Pizza has its own special day. Well, actually at least three special days. September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day. October 11th is National Sausage Pizza Day. November 12th is National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day.
  4. The first official pizzeria opened in the United States in New York City in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi.
  5. According to a Gallup Poll, kids up to 11 years old prefer pizza to other food for lunch and dinner. Regular pizza crust is still the most popular crust, preferred by 61-percent of the population. Thick crust and deep dish tied for second, at 14-percent. Only 11-percent of the population prefers extra thin.
  6. Every pizza chef has a secret recipe for the best crust and so does Marv’s Paso Robles pizza where the dough is made fresh daily and topped with the finest sauce, whole-milk mozzarella, and fresh ingredients.
  7. According to Guinness World Records, the largest circular pizza was baked in Norwood, South Africa in 1990. It weighed 26,883 pounds. There are rumors of another record breaker baked in 1987 in Havana, Florida that weighed 44,457 pounds.
  8. The Hawaiian Pizza was invented in Canada.
  9. The International Pizza Expo is an annual event held in Las Vegas Nevada. Pizza restaurant owners, distributors, food brokers, and other businesses that support the pizza industry attend. Sorry! The expo is not open to the general public!
  10. Pizza museums? Oh yes. The U.S. Pizza Museum is opening in August 2018 in Chicago. New York’s Museum of Pizza claims to be the “world’s first and only immersive art experience celebration pizza.”

Can you eat pizza and still lose weight? A New York man named Brian Northrup claims that he did, and he documented the yearlong project on Instagram. In his recently released book, “The Pizza Diet: How I Lost 100 Pounds Eating My Favorite Food—and You can, Too! ” Chef Pasquale Cozzolino’s reveals how he included pizza in a healthier diet. It all seems to come down to what weight loss specialists have been saying for years: moderation, more vegetables, and less fat and refined carbohydrates.

Pizza is an amazingly versatile food. Although there are traditions, diners can add or remove ingredients and personalize their own pizza. Marv’s, the Paso Robles pizza and Italian restaurant, has just the pizza on the menu! Both the Vegetarian and the Margherita come on a thinner crust and you can ask for less cheese and more vegetables, or you can build your own low-calorie pizza.

Be sure to check for the daily specials. Marv’s opens at 11 a.m. and you can order for pickup, delivery, or take the family to the restaurant.

Marv’s Original Pizza Company

729 12th Street

Paso Robles, CA 93446

(805) 238-1851

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The Story Of Pizza: A History Lesson From Marv’s Original Pizza In Paso Robles

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–Where did pizza come from? “The best pizza in Paso Robles comes from Marv’s Original Pizza, but the story of pizza is much older,” said owner Randy Syracuse, “and we have added new flavors and toppings to a dish that has been feeding people for hundreds of years.”

Pizza is basically a flatbread covered with any variety of toppings. Flatbreads having been dietary staples for people all over the world for centuries. Tortillas and pita bread are two that come immediately to mind. Evidence of flat unleavened bread being prepared as long as 7000 years ago has been found in Sardinia by French and Italian archaeologists.

An early reference to a pizza-like food occurs in the “Aeneid” (written a little over 2000 years ago) when the queen of the Harpies predicted that the Trojans would not find peace until hunger drove them to eat their tables. When Aeneas and his troops were served a meal including round bread topped with cooked vegetables, they realized that they had eaten the “tables” prophesied by Queen Celaeno.

Tomato sauce, one of the staple toppings for pizza, including the special sauce from Marv’s, the Paso Robles pizza and Italian food restaurant, was not added until the 16th century. The tomato made its appearance from the New World to Europe but because most Europeans believed the fruit to be poison, it didn’t fully catch on for a couple hundred years. By the 18th century, it was common for the poor living around Naples to add tomato to their flatbread. This practice seems to be the birth of the modern pizza.

Pizza and pizza toppings have come a long way since the tomato was added around 300 years ago. Even though there are pizza-purists who cling to the idea that marinara and the margherita are only true pizzas public taste certainly has other ideas. Marinara is older than the margherita and gained its name because it was the traditional food prepared by seamen’s wives, “la marinara,” when their husbands returned from fishing trips. The margherita is reportedly named after Queen Margherita of Savoy in the late 1880s because her favorite pizza, topped with green basil leaves, white mozzarella and red tomatoes, represented the Italian flag,

Italian immigrants brought pizza to New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and Saint Louis in the late 19th century where they peddled pizza up and down the streets. Before World War II, pizza still had not reached much of the North American populations outside of Italian communities, but that changed rapidly when soldiers returning from Italy brought a taste for pizza back home with them. Pizza arrived in Canada in the 1950s, maybe due to returning Canadian soldiers wanting more pizza. The ham and pineapple topped Hawaiian Pizza was introduced in 1962 by restaurateur Sam Panopoulis in Chatham, Ontario.

Hawaiian pizza may have marked the beginning of pizza topping innovations. Even though marinara and margherita pizzas are still standards, Marv’s the Paso Robles pizza restaurant, continues innovative and original recipes that include traditional pizza and Barbeque Chicken, Tri-Tip and Green Chili, Gourmet Chicken and Bacon and Garlic Delight to name a few. Marv’s Original Pizza menu is not limited to pizza. Pasta dishes and Italian-influenced sandwiches such as the Meatball Sandwich and the Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich plus a special kid’s menu help create take-out or eat-in dining experiences for everyone’s taste.

Paso Robles, a favorite wine country and dining destination for travelers from around the world, is located on California’s Central Coast with easy access from Highway 101, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Be sure to drop into Marv’s Original Pizza when in town. Highly rated on both Yelp and TripAdvisor, a visit to Marv’s is on the “must visit” list.

Marv’s Original Pizza Company

729 12th Street

Paso Robles, CA 93446

(805) 238-1851

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Paso Robles Pizza Place Marv’s Original Pizza Co Now Offering Pizza By The Slice

Paso Robles Pizza Place Marv’s Original Pizza Co Now Offering Pizza By The Slice

Paso Robles, CA —Marv’s Original Pizza Co., one of the top ranked places in get Paso Robles pizza, is now offering pizza slices to the lunch crowd in Paso Robles.


Paso Robles Pizza by the Slice

Grab a slice during lunch break anytime between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday thru Friday in downtown Paso Robles. Slices are just $4 each and come in pepperoni or cheese flavors. Enjoy the slice in their dining room, or take it to go and enjoy it in the park or office. In addition to slices, Marv’s offers daily lunch specials including a Mini Two-Topping Pizza with a house garden salad for just $10.99. Additionally, each day of the week Marv’s offers pizza specials. Check out their Friday special, which includes two extra large 1-topping pizzas for just $38.99.


Marv’s Original Pizza Co. offers gourmet pizza in a casual, fun-filled atmosphere. They take pride in crafting pizzas made with homemade dough prepared daily and fresh ingredients for toppings. Pizzas can be ordered with traditional or deep dish crust. Specialty pizzas include their “All Meat Combination”, “Garlic Delight” and “Tri-Tip and Green Chili.” Vegetarian pizzas are also available. Appetizers include Chicken Wings, Salads, Fried Zucchini and Parmesan Bread Sticks.


Additionally, Marv’s Original Pizza Co. offers a large selection of beer and local wines from Paso Robles by the glass. The pizzeria boasts beautiful views of the Paso Robles Downtown City Park. Delivery is available to Paso Robles, Templeton, San Miguel and Jardine. Catering services offer help in planning your next event at their establishment. Marv’s is the perfect place to grab a slice and catch the game on one of their three large flat screen TV’s. Baseball season is coming to an end and games are shows daily.


Marv’s Pizza Paso Robles

Marv’s Orginial Pizza Co. boasts a 4.1 star rating on Yelp and is located at 729 12th street in Paso Robles. Call (805) 238-1851 to order Paso Robles pizza today. Mary’s is open Monday thru Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m and Sunday from 12-9 p.m.



Marv's Original Pizza Co
729 12th St
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 238-1851

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